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About Dutch TV

Dutch TV is a weekly  TV program about Dutch people in Australia airing on Channel 31 in Melbourne and Geelong (Australia) and on the big screen in Melbourne at Federation square. The program is mostly in Dutch but is subtitled in English. This to connect to all the people who have a connection with the Netherlands..

So you can expect topics about: Dutch culture in Australia, shared heritage and new topics from Holland interesting for Australia.

The name of the channel is C31, and it can  be received via

a digital set top box or digital TV on channel 44.

Our program is NOW  on air !!!! SUNDAY 3 PM - 3.30 PM




  1. 1.  

Dutch people in Australia; 8 minute clips about:

Migrant Child, Erasmus 50 years, Harmony footy cup, Tennis as a top sport , bicycle item, Backpackers, Famous people, business items etc.

  1. 2.  

Studio program with topics related to the 8 minute clips.

We invited quests in the studio who could talk about

- For love to Australia

- How important is the Dutch culture still for second generation?

- All Dutch organisations together in Melbourne; what is the future

- Sport in Australia

- Cycling

- Who is behind the Dutch Facebook Pages?

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TedX Binnenhof


Become a member of Dutch TV for a year to support the program

and get even more information via email about the program and Dutch events. Please send an email to dutchtv@live.com.au and 10 dollars to:

BSB 033055

Account 310111

Account name: Dutch TV



Go to the season section, pick your season and enjoy the footage!

Dutch TV has been produced with the assistance of The Community Broadcasting Foundation, Netherlands Embassy, Erasmus foundation,

Blue Bay Cheese, Star Class tours and volunteers.

Dutch TV Sponsorship or advertising spots available

Please contact us at dutchtv@live.com.au